Middle East 1960's
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Middle East 1960's

I flew out to the Arabian Gulf in June 1967 to work as an Air Traffic Controller for three years at Sharjah Airport - a civil combined military (RAF) airport in the Trucial States of Oman as the area used to be called. It was a wonderful experience.


At the Well for drinking & washing

Bedu Rider

Boarding Boat

Bedu on his Camel

Camel Riders

Canso at Sharjah Airport

Suq Kids


Sunset over the Windtowers along Dubai Creek

Dibba & Mountains

East Coast

Fishing Boat

Hobbled Camel

Hauling up Boat

IAL Fort, Sharjah Airport

Jahili Fort, al Ain

Khan Creek, Sharjah

Kuwaiti Dhow, Dubai Creek

Old Arab in the Suq

Ploughing on the East Coast

Jundi & Bedu at Manama Shooting Competition

Weighing Salt on Deira Beach

Dhow & Wind Towers across Dubai Creek


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