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My wife and I had a wonderful trip to Madeira in January 2008, and may have been very lucky with the weather !


Church on the Hill

Hotel on the Hill


Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Odd Cactus Trees

Lovely White Peacock

Sleeping Parakeet

Nest Box Parakeet

Male Peacock Displaying to Female

Male Peacock's Bum

Winston Churchill's Favourite Painting Village

Palm & Fishing Boats

Pointsettias & Ellen

Lovely Bougainvilea

Crystal Chandelier

Palm Tree Promenade


Strange Memorial

Winston Churchill as a Priest !

Hollow Rock & Tourist Couple

Ellen & Steel Ball

Trimarans sail past our hotel


Young Female Chaffinch ?

Smarter Chaffinch

Young Male Chaffinch

Falaj Walk

Blue Hebe


Robin Singing

Sue & Neil Edden

Ellen & Andrew Godber


Lovely Bird of Paradise Flower

Bridal Dress

Glossy Starling through the wire

Lovely Exotic White Orchid

Exotic Yellow Orchid

and more

and more again

Passion Fruit Flower

Passion Fruit Flower

another Orchid

and another

Drying Life: Jeans

Lovely Yellow Hibiscus

Two Gentlemen Playing Cards

Another two gentlemen playing cards

Sue & Tree

Fish Market Scene

Lovely Fruit Stall Display

What went Where ?

Empress Sissi of Austria Hungary

Lovely Fern

Cruise Liner off the hotel

Our long kebabs cooking

Wrist Doll a'Dancing

Local Girls playing their instruments

Some other islands

Modern Church Interior

Up at 6,000ft !

Lichen Icicles

A Pink Hibiscus

Boy & Bike

Wedding Group

Elderly Gentleman

Elderly Lady

Attractive Tiles of our Restaurant

Local Scene Tiled

Ellen & Fantastic Orchid Display

Close up of little cottage's Orchids

Pair of local cottages

and a garden

Eagle Rock

The little village below

The Church at full zoom !

Local wild flowers

Students at Land's End

Colombian Piper at rest beneath airport Glide Path

Colombian Pair

Airport and little bay

Little Bay's Marina

and the yachts close up !

with a pussy cat behind me under a cactus

Our hotel by night

German Frigate Departs

German Frigate

Eucalyptus Flowers

Mimosa Flowers

Mimosa flowers and newly sprouting leaves

Sidiq's Madeiran Cousin

Droplet of Dew on a Hibiscus

Orchid Display in Church

Funchal Harbour with two Cruise Ships

The oddest one: Aida

Christopher Colombus

Young Bums

Laptop Students

Getting a Signal

School's variety of Bougainvilea


Blind Harpsichorchist

Street Stall Flower Seller

Seen in Blandy Gardens, what flower ?

and another ?

Dragonfly at rest

Amelia Earhart ?

East Funchal: property near the Church please !

Flame Tree in Public Park

Hand Bag Swinging Student

View from our hotel room

Zoomed view from our hotel room

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