Middle East 1960's
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Portraits of People & Friends around the World


Cambodia Girls at Play

Cambodia Mud Pies

Alexia helms Moody 36

Beijing Tianamen Square & Proud Chinese Family

Great Wall Father Xmas & Chinese Students

Beijing Palace Guarded Reflections

Beijing Duck & John Waverley

Beijing Tianamen Square Cousins

Beijing Tianamen Square Sisters

Beijing Tianamen Square Teenagers

Beijing Summer Palace Courtesan

Cambodia Best Ever ?

Cambodia Best Ever ?

Madeira Boy & Bike

QO Bubbles in the Paddock

Cambodia Buddhist Monk

Cambodia Show Dancer

Cambodia Temple Dancers

Cambodia Eastern Peace

Cambodia TempleGirl

Cambodia Temple Kids

Cambodia Temple Kids

Cambodia Lake Girl

Chengdu Show: Amazing Changing Faces

Chengdu National Park: Chinese Student in Tibetan Costume

Chengdu Show: Beijing Opera Star

Chengdu Show Swirling Skirt

Chengdu National Park: Students

Chengdu National Park: German speaking student guide

Chnegdu: KFC Student

Chengdu National Park: Misguided Guide

Chengdu National Park: On Oxygen at 10,000ft

Chengdu Kentucky Fried Chicken & our Guides

Chengdu National Park: Chinese Students & Me

Chengdu NationalPark: Student in Tibetan Head-dress

Chengdu Nationa Park: Students in Tibetan Dress

Chengdu NationalPark: Townee in Countree

Chengdu Show Excellent Violinist

Chengdau Xmas Wrapper Hat

Thailand Children at Gate

Thailand Children

Thailan Children preparing family meal

UAE My First Portrait Assignment

Australia Young Amateur Artist

Ausytralian Trike Pram

Thailand Children

HK Children at Ocean Park

UAE Dave Stuckey & RAS

QO Diego

UAE Desert Expat Family

QO Ellen & Eva amidst the Buttercups

Madeira Elderly Gentleman

Madeira Elderly Lady

Wedding: Ellen in Blue

Wedding: Fiona & young friend

Gertie RIP

Grand-Mother & Grand-Daughter & Arundel Castle

HK Grandpa & Sophie

Wedding: Guy & Claudia

QO Hayley & Eva

QO Halloweenies - now all married !

Madeira Musicians

Cambodia Show: "He loves me not"

HK Amah & Charges

HK Beach Tryst

HK Bridal Couple in Adidas

HK Bridal V Sign

HK Relaxing Expat & Working Granny

HK Fashionable Girl

HK Forum Scene

HK Repulse Bay Mainlander

HK Repulse Bay Mainlanders


HK Philipino Boy's Birthday

HK Repulse Bay Beach

HK Working Girls

HK Working Granny

HMS Ark RoyalGuard

It's my 90th Birthday

Macau Little Photographer

Madeira Colombians

Madeira Dancer

Madeira Students & Cape

Mutti in Sharjah garden

Old schoolchum

Grandson Olly & Arundel Castle

Our Californian Friends

QO Oz garden slave

UnusualScene: she awaits him !

UAE Old Trucial Scout

UAE Old Trucial Scout

UAE Our Driver

Old Trucial Scout & Cocktail

Fantastic Brazilian Belly Dancer at Ras al Khaimah Hilton Hotel

Me, a Father !!

Look Up

Look Left

Little Two Week Old Hands

Proud Mother

Happy Father

Proud Grandparents in Hong Kong

Alexia & Sophie Isabelle

Alexia, Sophie & Guy

Alexia, Guy & Sophie

UAE The Brigadier

Rupert, Eva & Hayley at QO

Adelaide English Schoolgirls

Cambodia Setting up a self portrait

Cambodia Snake Girl & Family

Cambodia Snake Girl

Nepal Talk & Me

Our Grandchildren

Two Gentlemen of Madeira

Two Gentlemen of Madeira

Nepal Umbrellas

Nepal Weaving

Xian the only bearded Chinaman seen in China !

Xian School children & Denis

Xian School Girls a'gaming

Xian Gold Buddha, Girls & Waverley !

Xian Show Head-dress

Xian Show Head-dresses

Xian Knitting

Xian Porcelain Farmgirl

Xian Porcelain Shepherdess

Xian Porcelain Shepherdess

Xian Dancer's Raspberry

Xian Dancer's Swirling Skirt

Joyce & Ellen with their Xian Toyboy

Xian Terracotta Warrior

Xian Terracotta Warrior

Zimbo ATCO Dougal at QO


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